Main Customisable Dashboard:



1, Easy service management and User Interface


2, Powerful Routing and Firewall  Advanced Firewall and Routing  features.


3, URL filtering (Http and Https traffic) It alllows You to filter Your internet content by checking DNS queries against various Open Source blacklists in different categories, which are continuously updated by their communities. Black and whitelisting is available on the local SafetyProXy instance.

-Possible to ban http and https sites.

-Possible to allow access only in given time periods like after working hours (or different time range) for ex: facebook, or other webpages.


4, Reports of visited websites (SARG) Almost all activity of a user can be tracked by this feature, downloaded content, visited websites on the monitored network. All these in a historical order.


5, Safe internet search We provide safe search option in all major search engines. SafetyProXy provides Google safe search option by redirecting all queries to Google safe DNS server. Optionally Bing safe search and other not encrypted engines are also available.


6, Torrent Blocking Heavy torrent downloads can easily lead to slow network performance. SafetyProXy blocks torrent downloads. We use Layer 7 Deep Package Inspection. Bandwidth is minimised for those hosts on local network which use torrent clients, without  affecting browsing and skype. The end user only notices that the downloads take up to months/years.


7, Traffic Shaping Traffic shaping (also known as "packet shaping") Traffic shaping is used to optimize or guarantee performance, improve latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth for some kinds of packets by delaying other kinds. Example: Limit bandwidth to Grant bandwidth for skype over all.


8, L7 traffic analysis DPI Helps to identify issues on the network, detect and analyze network flows and tendencies. Nice charts, graphics about network activity updated real time.











9, VPN for remote management Up and running with VPN server in a few minutes. We either use OpenVPN server/client setup, or site-to-site VPN, or combined.


10, Nagios Monitoring Monitor Your local network, server printer, etc with Nagios. Get e-mail alerts for critical services when they are unavailable.



11, Load balancing / Failover With this feature if an organisation has 2 or more internet provider, they can combine these connections together.



12, Vlans Allows to manage Users in different virtual subnets. It gives security for the network. Have a guest network with different limiters and traffic shaping. An other for students, blocking facebook in school time, and an Office network with no restrictions at all at the same time, on the same physical network.



13, Intrusion detection system Network-based intrusion detection system has the ability to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on Internet Protocol networks. Performs protocol analysis, content searching and matching. These basic services have many purposes including application-aware triggered quality of service, to de-prioritize bulk traffic when latency-sensitive applications are in use. It gives a great protection from hacking activities on Internet side.



14, Captive Portal Useful for Hotels, or any organisation with an open wifi service.



15, Antivirus Protects users from downloading viruses. We use Clamav antivirus engine (http)




16, Unifi Controller Host We run Unifi Controller on SafetyProxy, for easy access and remote management.


More features:

LDAP Active Directory Authentication
State Table
High Availability/Failover
Reporting and Monitoring
Dynamic DNS
DHCP Server and Relay
Web Filter
Virus Blocker
Spam Blocker
Phish Blocker
Web Cache
Bandwidth Control
Captive Portal
Intrusion Prevention
Ad Blocker

And more... Please contact Us for more info!

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